Monday, September 12, 2011

Awww Mommy... it's just Mari-yo...

I work from home.  I have a website called If you haven't checked it out, you should.  Really.  No now, go on I'll wait.  Great! 

Now working from home is freaking awesome.  It's also close to impossible.  For all the benefits of being able to be home with your child, work in your pj's, and keep up with your 12 current games of 'Words With Friends', there's also the fact that you're home where you are surrounded by other things that need to be done and your kid(s) is/are there.  **sigh**  

Adding a merchant to my site is really easy- it literally just takes a few clicks and then waiting for stuff to load.  In reality it goes like this:

*Click download- estimated time says 2 minutes- just enough time to empty the dryer, refill it, and reload the washing machine.

*Click another download- hmmm... this one is only gonna take 30 seconds, but I can't stop looking at those dirty dishes in the sink, so I'll wash them in the meantime. This results in a vicious cycle of:  wash a couple dishes/ dry hands/ check progress/ click download/ repeat.  Did I mention that Jace is also hanging on my leg during much of this?  He LOVES to wash dishes.  **sigh**

*Click another button- realize that I haven't folded the clothes I took outta the dryer.  Now they're going to be a big flippin' mess if I don't do it now.

*Elapsed time- 27 minutes.  Time it should have taken- 4 minutes.

Adding to all this fun is the often heard, "I'm hungry" or it's partner, "I'm thirsty".  A new addition is "Come to the bathroom with me" because Jace has decided it's 'scare-wee' in there.  Oh, and the dryer just dinged again, so back to that...

I decided the other day that I could get a lot done if I gave Jace Parker's DS to play with.  I charged it and then surprised him with it just as he was harassing me yet again over who knows what.  This presentation brought much happiness just as I anticipated....  There was a lot of yelling "Yay", jumping up and down, and then this li'l gem of a phrase, "Mommy... sometimes I love you!!!"  Sometimes?  **sigh**  At any rate, Jace went to play and mission accomplished!  Only I forgot one little thing...  He always needs  my help at some point.  Cue the phrase, "Mom!  Play my game!"  

Jace is really pretty good at Mario for a 3 year old- at least I think so.  I haven't really polled the 3 year old community for Nintendo wizards, but my gut instinct tells me that my kid is superior, as always :)  He only needs help every once in a while.... Like when he's swimming, which naturally is his favorite thing.  So I've pretty much mastered the exact timing to get through the world as fast as possible and to the end where I pass the DS back to Jace so he can jump on the flagpole.  Story of my life- I do all the work, someone else gets all the glory.  C'est la vie...  (I really can't even remember what that means, it just seemed to fit.  If it doesn't, disregard.)

So inspite of my mad Mario skills, sometimes I die... then I hear this:

Jace:  (patting me on top of my head)  It's ok's just Mari-yo.  Now do it again.

Me:  **sigh**

Jace:  Mommy, what's wrong?  You just jump on the bugs.  It's ok.  You're  good grill.  

Then I think to myself, sometimes it doesn't even pay to get outta bed... but then I remember I'm in the bed 'cause I moved there so I wouldn't be constantly distracted by the fact that the kitchen needs to be mopped.  Which reminds me that I really need to go mop the bathroom.  Apparently people frown on un-toilet training your kid, which I think is lame, but whatev.  (I've turned into a high school girl at some point during this blog. I wonder if this is it?!  The time I really am gonna lose my mind like I've been telling the kids would happen since they were born.  Will I get to go to the looney bin??  Yay!!!   A vacation!!!)

Where was I?  I don't have a clue, but I did just remember a funny story.  Once we were at a church dinner.  They had these big, long tables where you were sitting with a mix of people.  Everyone was telling funny stories  and then Will popped up with this li'l gem:

Will:  Mom, remember when you were waving your arms in the air like this and saying, "I'm going crazy!  I'm going crazy!"?  

Awkward silence. Yeah.

And then one more story while we're talking about my kids humiliating me in public places:

When Parker was about three, we went out to eat with a friend.  Parker had this really cute way of saying her prayers at night, and so I asked her to show my friend.  Apparently Parker thought this was 'Night at the Improv'  **sigh**  She jumped up on her chair, and in the loudest voice possible, began to pray:

"God... you're a good God... but you could be a better God...  I'd like more toys, and a bigger house..."

that was about the point where I started dragging her off the chair.  The rest is kinda a blur.  

Ok, well I'm gonna round up this cluster of a blog and attempt to get some work done just as soon as I beat this world, fold those clothes and mop the kitchen and the bathroom.  C'est la vie!  


  1. Lmao....girl, I miss you so much. :) I can't help but remember Parker showing us how her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard while at Applebee's. lol

  2. Oh Lordie.. I swear. I really am the mom of the year, aren't I? ;)